Réponse à The International Scope Review

Les Amis de Némésis



Réponse à The International Scope Review

Paris, 04/10/2003

To the Board of The International Scope Review

Fortunately, we are neither Readers, nor Members, nor even Colleagues. Among us, you certainly won’t find anybody with “excellent academic background”. Nor could we ever stand to be State Advisers or Corporate Consultants: such civil servants of the ruling system, in other words: the like of you, are without any doubt the kind of enemies we most despise, mercenaries with permanently self-stimulating good conscience, promoters of a profitable humanism welcome to shareholders. Incidentally, you may read what we wrote about one of your former Members, Pierre Bourdieu, by clicking on this link:


We also do not need to be sponsored. You do.

Please advise your computer that we should be erased from your Directory.